Stop Copy Lamps

Say no to copy lamps or counterfeit lamps!

Original Inside lamps come from leading projector bulb manufacturers. The manufacturers work very closely with global projector manufacturers in order to produce lamps, which will be perfectly adapted in terms of quality (lifetime, colorimetry, light) and which will respect European safety norms.

How to recognize a counterfeit projector lamp ?

Copy Lamps or counterfeits have a performance significantly lower in brightness, colorimetry, lifetime and strength.

 In Accordance with Directive 2002/95/EC of the Consumer Safety Commission (CSC), mercury lamps must not contain more than 5mg of this chemical element. Because of it is dangerous (mercury is a metal highly carcinogenic), the commission even propose to lower this amount to 2mg.

What about the amount of mercury in counterfeit lamps? Governments are struggling to provide precise information about this subject; the manufacturing conditions of counterfeit lamps remain totally obsolete. .

In addition, counterfeit lamp, which is less robust than original lamp or certified alternative lamp alternative, can explode inside the projector and damage it.

When the lamp works, the heat generated by the burner bulb can reach 1000 ° C. In case of an explosion, the risk is four times higher for a counterfeit lamp. It is important to ventilate the room and pick up the debris with gloves and an absorbent cloth.

Also avoid using a vacuum cleaner because the particles of mercury can be released into the air and thus be inhaled.