Total Trust

Original Inside lamps have a global network of professionals (manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers) who trust us.

Original Inside warranty

In order to satisfy our customers, who are increasingly demanding and aware of the technical reliability of the product we offer, we decided to extend the warranty of Original Inside lamps to 5 months. We are committed, to replace and return as soon as possible any lamp that presents a manufacturing defect.

And the Projector warranty?

Using an Original Inside lamp will not affect the warranty of the projector. It is obvious that manufacturers strongly encourage their customers to buy original spare parts. This business practice is common among all manufacturers and is totally legitimate but  is very costly for the user.

According to the European Directive 93/13 EEC of the Council of 5 April 1993 and Law 1995/1996 of 1 February 1995, cancelling a warranty when the replacement parts used are not those of the original manufacturer is prohibited. If you install an Original Inside lamp in your projector, the warranty of your projector will not be challenged. This law exists also in the United States, Canada or Asia.

The warranty may be cancelled if, after a failure of the projector, it is proved that the replacement lamp has a lower quality than the original lamp.

The Original Inside lamps recycling

Committed to the environmental cause, we are keen to recycle projector lamps and all electrical and electronic equipment waste. We encourage our customers to return their used projector lamps. Then, They will be collected and sent to a recycling center.

Consumers can also drop their used bulbs in the collection points provided for this purpose. We generally found them in supermarkets or in household waste site.